This is Malkys' Legacy
A legacy of giving
A legacy of selflessness
They left an imprint on those who knew them, one that can't ever be forgotten.
They were 20 and 26 years old when their lives were stopped short by a disease stronger than many humans can bare.
A disease that doesn't discriminate, doesn't care what your gender, age, or income is.
The disease of addiction.
Most will remember Malky as happy-go-lucky, giving of herself even when she had nothing left to give. Others will remember her as the one that dropped everything to be there, the late night phone calls that you know she would answer despite the hour. The drives to anywhere, the planning and the traveling

When Malky overdosed it shattered us.
Like many addicts coming out of detox, they forget that their body can no longer handle what it could before. They took the last dose in an attempt to numb the pain.
They weren't married, didn't have any children or anyone to carry on their legacy.

This is Malky's legacy.
A legacy of triumph,
A legacy of joy and giving.
Help me give back to the most giving people I knew.

Amudim is dedicated to serving all members of the community in times of personal and collective crisis. Founded on the pillars of kindness, compassion, and dignity, Amudim functions as a confidential resource center that provides meaningful assistance, enduring support, and direct referrals for individuals and families impacted by sexual abuse, neglect, addiction, mental health concerns and other crisis-related matters. They are dedicated to fostering change and growth by raising awareness and implementing educational programs within communities across the globe.

Amudim exists to support all individuals in need and guide them to a world of healing, growth, health and peace of mind.

They were there for Malky, they were there for us, and they will continue to be there for many many years to come.
Support the legacy
Support the foundation that provides to those in need.
Support Amudim

Leilay nishmas Malka bas Shlomo Dov
Leilay nishams Malka bas Avraham Shalom

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