Our father died, we are being evicted, and have nowhere to turn.
Case #9518


We are a family of 2 children, whose father passed away, after struggling with an illness for many years.

As a result of the illness, and all that came along with it, we were not able to make ends meet. Having full emunah and bitachon, we were sure that he would pull through, and our of embarrassment, we did not share the situation with our friends and neighbors.

To make matters worse, our landlord is having us evicted in a few weeks, which we found out before the levaya.

Between a place to live, basic necessities such as food and clothing, school, and every day living expenses, we are truly left destitute.

We are receiving as much assistance as we can from the government, and are tremendously grateful for tomchei shabbos and the Flatbush community fund for helping as best as they can. Sadly, this isn't enough.

We lost our father and our home within a month, please help us not lose hope in our future.

Give what you can, and in this Zchus, may you not know of any pain or suffering, and have only tremendous simcha and nachas, and a good gebentched yor.

Thank You,

Yesomos with no where to turn,

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