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My name is Sam* I am 18 years old,
My parents got divorced when I was very young-18 months to be exact.
My mother, who was raising us a single mom, for most of my younger years, always worked 1 - 2 jobs, to provide for the family.
My brother and I were raised with strong Jewish values.
I went to a Yeshiva for elementary school - and despite the numerous issues that I was dealing with, my mother would never give up, always pushing me to be the best I can be.
My mother remarried when I was 11 to a wonderful man who had treated my siblings and myself as his own.
After struggling in Yeshiva high school, my mother went into overdrive to make sure that I was able to remain in Yeshiva, and continue to grow.
I spent last year in Beis Medresh, and my Rabbeim have all been pushing me to go to Israel, so that I can continue growing.
2 years ago, 6 weeks before COVID my sister was diagnosed with a brain tumor which has left her extremely cognitively impaired and In need of a lot of care. As a result, my mother has been out of work, caring for my sisters needs.
My step father, who is truly amazing, sadly does not have the means to support my wish of learning in Israel.
I am turning to you, to ask if you can please help me grow and reach my potential.
I know that many people truly believe that spending time in Israel, in Yeshiva, is a luxury, but I assure you, this is not the case here.

The above can be verified by calling or emailing Rabbi (name here) at 718-555-1212 or

*name changed for privacy

Rabbi Levi Weinbaum+1 (347) 678-4878

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